incendiary bomb

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Noun1.incendiary bomb - a bomb that is designed to start firesincendiary bomb - a bomb that is designed to start fires; is most effective against flammable targets (such as fuel)
bomb - an explosive device fused to explode under specific conditions
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The architects have gone back to the original designs to work out what the incendiary bomb obliterated and restore it.
A cow was killed by an incendiary bomb which fell in a field on a farm owned by Mr J Bagnall, near a small North East town.
A large incendiary bomb was found in a car parked on Upper Queen Street in the city.
Arson investigators were searching for at least one man they believe threw the incendiary bomb into the Woodman Avenue apartment shortly after 1 a.
Lot 408 - an original oil painting of Coventry Cathedral in flames, two German incendiary bomb fins, a section of broken Coventry tramway rail and three 19th century parchment scrolls taken from a solicitor's office after it burnt down - sold to a Coventry buyer for PS310.
There was always a lot of incendiary bombs being dropped on the Cargo Fleet works and one morning at 6am, there, sitting in my desk was a big incendiary bomb, luckily it had not got off.
We heard a loud banging on the front door and a warden told us to get out since there was an incendiary bomb burning away on the roof.
Yesterday a live World War Two incendiary bomb was found in a field near Scremerston, Berwick.
Roland Adams, grandson of the inventor, said: "Fortunately, it bounced off and my dad covered the incendiary bomb with soil when it ended up in the garden.
Police and firemen later discovered the crude incendiary bomb hidden beneath rubbish under the front window.
In January 1941, when she was a young library assistant, an incendiary bomb fell through the roof of Canton Library.
But I went home crying to my mother because it was burned to the ground by an incendiary bomb and I'd lost my scissors and apron.