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tr.v. in·cent·ed, in·cent·ing, in·cents
To incentivize: "would use tax breaks to incent corporations to invest in their future" (Scott Canon).

[Back-formation from incentive.]


vb (tr)
to provide (someone) with incentive; inspire or motivate
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Xactly delivers a scalable, cloud-based enterprise platform for planning and incenting sales organisations, including sales quota and territory planning, incentive compensation management, and predictive analytics.
"The geographic coverage and breadth of merchandise these retailers offer, combined with TSYS' innovative payment solution, create tremendous opportunities to be healthy and reduce the growth in health care expenses by incenting healthy and preventative behaviors versus expensive treatments."
While there are many changes I would make if given another chance, not creating the opportunities in the city ordinances for a denser, more walkable, bikeable and transit-friendly city and not incenting these initiatives in private development would be my greatest regret.
Employers now know the boundaries for incenting wellness programs to avoid potential future litigation.
"As noted in Budget 2015, incenting the delivery of projects on time and on budget and to minimize costs over the full life cycle of an asset are critical considerations.
Extraco provides marketing tools to participating merchants to advertise the program, incenting the bank's customers to use their debit cards as a credit transaction at the retail outlet.
Behaviors - motivating, incenting, compensating and enabling partners to encourage good behaviors
Nutter notes, "Rather than irresponsibly delaying reforms, which the Congressional Budget Office estimates would cost billions, the RAA supports targeted reforms to help homeowners most in need, while maintaining the benefits of risk-based rates and incenting community and individual mitigation."
Companies are far more likely to face challenges in retraining existing staff, acquiring new employees with deep analytic skills or incenting innovative managers who are able to create data-driven strategies and make truly data-driven decisions.
The matrix at the end of this policy bulletin provides a cross-state summary of their extensive efforts, describing the venues states use to bring faculty together, how much data-related professional development is offered, and how states are incenting faculty participation.
The questions about incenting providers become more interesting if the providers you are incenting are outside your organization.