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tr.v. in·cent·ed, in·cent·ing, in·cents
To incentivize: "would use tax breaks to incent corporations to invest in their future" (Scott Canon).

[Back-formation from incentive.]
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vb (tr)
to provide (someone) with incentive; inspire or motivate
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The SBIR Phase III program incents commercial firms to apply innovative solutions to pressing national security problems.
Hensarling reminded his fellow lawmakers that 116 lives were lost last year to flooding and there were billions and billions of dollars of property loss, "[A]nd yet, we have a program unreformed that incents people to live in harm - incents people to live in harm's way.
The program recognizes, incents and rewards System Engineers who allocate the time & effort to master proactive selling of Polycom RealPresence voice, video and content collaboration solutions.
They view the giraffe as a metaphor for a leader with a unique lookout post--one who incents followership rather than intimidating others in the herd to behave in a certain manner.
By using VVO, our credit unions can easily segment and target different cardholder behaviors with an appropriate marketing message that incents a change in behavior," said Kristi Mackey, assistant vice president of client services and product at CSCU.
For the new formula distinctly incents employers to be more assiduous about managing work injury risk.
The corporation also urged the committee to take action in support of the HOME Investment Partnership Program, which incents private developers to invest in neighborhoods considered risky for housing development.
The bank developed a proprietary VISA debit card rewards program that incents use of the card by paying the customer the cents of the transaction for all signature-based or credit transactions of $50.00 or greater.
"Our affiliate program incents our partners to advertise to their clients and customers," says Steve Weinstein, NeXpansion's vice president of business development.