Little by little; gradually.


gradually; inch by inch or little by little
[C16: from inch1 + -mele, from Old English mælum quantity taken at one time; compare piecemeal]


(ˈɪntʃ mil)

by inches; little by little.
(inch1 + -meal]
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The inchmeal efforts of the government to stabilise the economy and arrest the fall of the rupee have done little to halt the steep decline, hopes are being pinned on the new governor who has been circumspect in public, revealing very little about whether he will stick to the hawkish stance of the previous governor or take a fresh approach like the Japanese Central Bank to wade through the trying times.
As long as religion rules the roost, however, Grayling acknowledges that we can only undermine it inchmeal. But challenge it we must.
This inchmeal progression is nothing new; the students' parents and grandparents probably saw the coast trickle away bit by bit during their childhoods, too.
The bionic undulate propeller using hydraulic system as driving chain could generate an undulating motion with amplitude gradually increasing, so that the hydrodynamic forces and torques increase inchmeal. This makes the bionic structure carry hydro-load gradually, which is uniform to that of nature fish.