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A caterpillar of a geometrid moth that moves by looping the body in alternate contractions and expansions. Also called looper, measuring worm, spanworm.


(Animals) another name for a measuring worm


or meas′uring worm`,

a geometrid moth larva that progresses by bringing the rear end of the body forward and then advancing the front end.
Also called inchworm.
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Noun1.inchworm - small hairless caterpillar having legs on only its front and rear segmentsinchworm - small hairless caterpillar having legs on only its front and rear segments; mostly larvae of moths of the family Geometridae
caterpillar - a wormlike and often brightly colored and hairy or spiny larva of a butterfly or moth
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These robots include the Ice Worm which is described by the post as capable of moving by "scrunching and extending its joints like an inchworm." LEMUR is powered via artificial intelligence and is currently being tested in the glaciers of Antarctica and the icy caverns of Mount St.
To make a handle, students roll out a coil about 6 inches long, bend it into a curve, then bend out the ends to make it look like an inchworm. The wet toothbrush is then used to score/slip the handle over the 6 o'clock position.
Speed is distance divided by time, whether one is measuring a bullet, an inchworm, or the growth of a teenager.
Created by researchers at the University of Houston in Texas, the slinky machine is made of ultra-thin sensors, actuating electronics and temperature-sensitive artificial muscle that can adapt to the environment and crawl, similar to the movement of an inchworm or caterpillar.
Together, they rode an inchworm train back up the mountain.
Ken Hewitt-White, a contributing editor for Sky & Telescope, fittingly thinks this asterism "suggests a caterpillar humped-up in mid crawl." Ken is probably referring to the caterpillars commonly called inchworms, since most other caterpillars don't have the inchworm's looping gait.
The Trinity program consists of 3 independent software modules: Inchworm, Chrysalis, and Butterfly, which were applied sequentially to process large volumes of RNA-seq reads.
Nike also asked that we add 30 inchworm to push-ups to our workout.
Therefore, an Inchworm Boring Robot was proposed for China's lunar robotic subsurface exploration mission [15].
Recently, AIC is used to control the position of piezoelectric inchworm actuator [21] and the acceleration of six-degree-of-freedom electrohydraulic shaking table [22].
Meanwhile, inchworm piezoelectric actuator is the special friction type piezoelectric motor.