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Beginning to exist or appear: detecting incipient tumors; an incipient personnel problem.

[Latin incipiēns, incipient-, present participle of incipere, to begin; see inception.]

in·cip′i·en·cy, in·cip′i·ence n.
in·cip′i·ent·ly adv.
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Noun1.incipience - beginning to exist or to be apparent; "he placed the incipience of democratic faith at around 1850"; "it is designed to arrest monopolies in their incipiency"
commencement, get-go, offset, outset, showtime, starting time, beginning, start, kickoff, first - the time at which something is supposed to begin; "they got an early start"; "she knew from the get-go that he was the man for her"
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The act or process of bringing or being brought into existence:
Informal: kickoff.
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nAnfang m, → Beginn m
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While there is a "limiting condition" of fate that might be resisted or deprogrammed, there is also, Hejinian writes, a "limiting condition [of] beginning" that must "merge to create an ongoing / unfated incipience into which fate can accumulate / without determining anything" (19).
Many scholars place the incipience of the historical animosity between the Kanuri and the Fulani to the time of Usman Dan Fodiyo's jihad.
AUDIT guidelines propose that affirmative responses to any of these items, especially on a weekly or daily basis, defines and implies the incipience of alcohol dependency (Babor et al., 2001).
However, studies with this audience show the incipience of such practices; overlapping of the nutritionist to other professionals, and a mistaken notion by the own nutritionist of "power decentralization", generating lack of communication and difficulty to realize the importance of the "other".
As Lupton notes, the viral metaphor articulated the perceived incipience of a freeloading agent, one that is "primitive" and "insensate," without "so much as a nervous system in the way of intelligence, and [which] certainly do[es] not possess motivation" (558).
today as it was at the time of the law's incipience. However,
In addition, the higher wall superheat jump for the plain surface compared with that of the HTCMC was observed at nucleate boiling incipience. For example, at 20 K subcooling (yellow circle in Figure 5) the temperature jump was ~5 K before boiling incipience, whereas it was about only ~1 K for HTCMC at the same subcooling temperature.
Still, these measures to improve worker protection are in their incipience, and inconsistency in Malaysia's migrant labour policy persists, corresponding with discrepancies and dissonance in government jurisdictions, as well as apparent vested interest in foreign labour importation.
It is widely recognized that diverse contexts of SUS are traversed by a chronic incipience in addressing psychosocial needs of its users.
As I have suggested, the trilogy provides a distinctive beginning, middle, and end that also highlights the incipience, mediality, and finitude of the story.