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 (ĭn′sĭ-pĭt′, ĭng′kĭ-)
The opening words of a text, especially when used in place of a title to identify an otherwise untitled work.

[From Latin, third person sing. present tense of incipere, to begin; see inception.]
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(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) here begins: used as an introductory word at the beginning of some medieval manuscripts
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(ˈɪn sɪ pɪt; Lat. ˈɪŋ kɪ pɪt)

the introductory words or opening phrase of a text or an opening phrase in liturgical music.
[1895–1900; < Latin: (here) begins, 3rd singular present indic. of incipere]
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A newly developed incipit search with melodic similarity matching in Muscat was presented at the past ISMIR Conference (Paris, 23-27 September) by a team composed by members of RISM Switzerland and Utrecht University (Rodolfo Zitellini, Geert- Jan Giezeman, Frans Wiering, and Laurent Pugin).
250 lines, and has a name, its incipit. The tablets were organized sequentially into series, and the incipit of the initial tablet was used as a designation for the whole medical composition (series).
He covers enter the Son of David: Matthew's incipit and genealogy, assuming the throne: establishing Jesus as the Son of David, Jesus as the healing Son of David, the Son of David's humility and authority in Matthew, David's betrayal and the betrayal of Jesus, and David's passion in the Psalms and the passion of the Son of David.
Entre un sorbo y el otro hojeaba un libro que habia comprado en una libreria el primer dia de mi llegada a Buenos Aires; se trataba de Ficciones, y distraidamente revisaba los incipit de los varios cuentos; luego el cansancio se impuso y me deje caer en una agradable duermevela.
The accompanying text is badly mangled; the initial itself is a wrong one, and the incipit that follows is a mess.
As for the mother, we learn in the incipit that "Mama's still alive today" (a play on Camus's famous "Maman died today").
Emerging designer Tommaso Caldera reimagines vintage and industrial forms in his new Tull lighting collection for Incipit.
Suppose that you were to wonder at last if I don't still have a notion, somewhere in the back of my mind, to comment on the already too-commented-on first line of Bouvard, namely, "As the temperature that day had risen to 33 degrees,* Boulevard Bourdon was completely deserted," I would respond that in a private sale I recently acquired a previously undiscovered portion of the original manuscript of Bouvard and Pecuchet (I wanted to scan it in and e-mail it to you as a surprise, but the file that was on my computer inadvertently disappeared this morning thanks to a mug of cocoa getting knocked over onto my keyboard), which happens to contain no less than sixteen different versions of this incipit, which is certainly significant, and I wanted to give them all to you here:
Some of the arrangements depict the manuscript's incipit lettering while others more modern interpretations of the chronicles.
Abstract: The incipit of the novel El dia senalado starts with a cross and two crucial dates in the life of the author and in the Colombian political history of the 19th century: 1936 and 1960.
Bands like Purple Fusion, UDX, Incipit, Alo Wanth, Clueless Attention, Blue Print and Tsatila Anar enthralled the audience in Dimapur with their brand of music.