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Noun1.incisura - (anatomy) a notch or small hollow
mandibular notch - small indentation in the middle of the lower jawbone
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
notch - a V-shaped indentation; "mandibular notch"
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n. L. incisura, corte, raja, indentaciόn.
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Ellos, consideran la idea general que tanto la mucosa oxintica como la antral deben ser "explorados", sumando a ello la mucosa de la incisura angular, considerada altamente expresiva en cuanto mostrar la transformacion atrofica-metaplasica precozmente (Rugge et al.).
(3-6,8) This complex of ligaments stabilizes the fibula within the incisura of the tibia and maintains a stable ankle mortise.
For the thyroid application, two Quaddel injections were made in each one inch (finger) lateral to left and right of the midpoint between the thyroid cartilage located in the neck and incisura of the sternum.
Further infiltrations were given in the incisura terminalis, around upper end of pinna and all around the mastoid along post-auricular sulcus about 0.5 ml for every 1 cm distance.
1,2 Study done by Lee et al 3 demonstrated that two biopsy specimens from the antrum and one biopsy from the incisura angularis provided high diagnostic sensitivity and specificity, with an accuracy greater than 90%.
En su margen caudal entre ambos condilos se observa una incisura poplitea permitiendo el paso de los vasos popliteos.
En la region pelviana, los NL isquiaticos, de forma ovoide, con 1,27 [+ o -] 0,60 cm de largo por 0,72 [+ o -] 0,23 cm de ancho, se localizaron en la incisura isquiatica mayor, en craneal de la cresta isquiatica.
Two biopsy specimens were obtained from the incisura angularis, and three each from the corpus and antrum of the stomach.
(20) evaluated the gastric wall perfusion of 205 patients in five gastric regions (the angle of his, greater curvature, lesser curvature, incisura angularis, and mid gastric antrum) by using computed tomography scan perfusion index.
For histological analysis 5 gastric biopsy specimens were collected, 2 from the corpus (one from the lesser curvature and one from the greater curvature), 2 from the gastric antrum (one from the distal lesser curvature and one from the area next to the incisura angularis and one from the distal greater curvature).
In tumour encroaching on the cardia or the incisura or pylorus, a formal anatomical resection was performed (subtotal or total gastrectomy with Roux-en-Y reconstruction with lymphadenectomy or proximal partial gastrectomy with jejunal interposition reconstruction).