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1. Stormy: inclement weather.
2. Showing no clemency; unmerciful.

in·clem′en·cy n.
in·clem′ent·ly adv.
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While, the inclemently freezing weather by heavy snowfall has made the life cycle of the region stagnated and paralysed on one hand locking ways, freezing water in taps, load-shedding, hotels/motels closed and people stranded in homes adding the insult to injury, people are facing unbridled price-hike problems on the other.
Whereas if a Goth is recognised, the cost to the developer of any project would inclemently increase, the report said.
Koblas & Page 1985: xi; the five verses are extracted from the letter addressed to Kitty Carlisle, dated 18 May 1939; Lewis 1985: 74) Lewis had fallen prey to whimsical Cupid, just as had happened to Keats, who, like Lewis, had laughed at people falling in love--only to soon be struck inclemently by the spells of the "Minx" (Fanny Brawne) (for details on this captivating situation, see Stroe 2015b).