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1. Having a specified tendency or disposition; inclined: inclinable to laziness.
2. Favorably disposed; amenable: inclinable to our urgings.


1. (usually foll by: to) having an inclination or tendency (to); disposed (to)
2. capable of being inclined


(ɪnˈklaɪ nə bəl)

1. having a mental tendency in a certain direction.
2. favorable.
3. capable of being inclined.


(= with a tendency to)tendierend, (hin)neigend; to be inclinable totendieren zu, neigen zu
(= in favour of)wohlwollend gegenüberstehend (geh) dat, → günstig gesinnt (geh) dat
References in classic literature ?
He ended, and his words replete with guile Into her heart too easie entrance won: Fixt on the Fruit she gaz'd, which to behold Might tempt alone, and in her ears the sound Yet rung of his perswasive words, impregn'd With Reason, to her seeming, and with Truth; Meanwhile the hour of Noon drew on, and wak'd An eager appetite, rais'd by the smell So savorie of that Fruit, which with desire, Inclinable now grown to touch or taste, Sollicited her longing eye; yet first Pausing a while, thus to her self she mus'd.
The vessel's innovative G-lay pipelay system, developed and patented by Ceona, features an inclinable lay spread with a top tension of 600mt and a rigid pipe firing line system.
Split Tube inclinable conveyor offers a rigid tubular body that is split and hinged so that when opened the complete auger is exposed for cleaning and inspection.
Logistic regression has also been used to evaluate the instruments used to evaluate walkway safety, specifically, the Portable Inclinable Articulated Strut Tribometer (PIAST) class of instruments.
Horizontal milling is done with two-knife router cutters, and the vertical inclinable milling unit uses four-knife solid profile cutter blocks.