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(ɪnˈkloʊ ʒər)

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Noun1.inclosure - something (usually a supporting document) that is enclosed in an envelope with a covering letter
document, papers, written document - writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature)
2.inclosure - the act of enclosing something inside something else
intromission, insertion, introduction - the act of putting one thing into another
boxing, packing - the enclosure of something in a package or box
encasement, incasement - the act of enclosing something in a case
References in classic literature ?
Athos had chosen for his resting-place the little inclosure of a chapel erected by himself near the boundary of his estates.
The inclosure referred to by the anonymous writer of the letter, who signs 'a friend in need,' has not reached me.
The poor antelopes, in the end, are so wearied down, that the whole party of men enter and dispatch them with clubs; not one escaping that has entered the inclosure.
To this unfortunate John intrusted a letter with an inclosure of bonds, addressed to the bank manager.
There was a space of open heath on one side of him, and the stonewall and gates of a farmhouse inclosure on the other.
It stood in the centre of an inclosure of several acres, which was covered with fruit-trees.
Between four and five in the afternoon--when the women of the Western regions are in their carriages, and the men are at their clubs--London presents few places more conveniently adapted for purposes of private talk than the solitary garden inclosure of a square.
Vanstone, with the captain's card added by way of inclosure.
A cold spring bubbled from the base of a rocky formation which overhung and partially encircled a small inclosure.
Do you remember, sir, that duel with the Englishman in the inclosure des Carmes?
As Tarzan lay there upon his back he saw that the temple entirely surrounded the little inclosure, and that on all sides its lofty walls rose high above him.
Whatever the result may be, pray return to me the inclosures which I have trusted to your care, and believe me, dear madam, in much suspense and anxiety, sincerely yours,