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 (ĭn′kŏg-nē′tə, ĭn-kŏg′nĭ-tə)
adv. & adj.
With one's identity disguised or concealed. Used of a woman.
A woman or girl whose identity is disguised or concealed.

[Italian, feminine of incognito, incognito; see incognito.]
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a female who is in disguise or unknown; a female incognito
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(ˌɪn kɒgˈni tə, ɪnˈkɒg nɪ-)

adv., adj., n., pl. -tas. adv., adj.
1. (of a woman or girl) with one's identity hidden or unknown.
2. a woman or girl who is incognita.
3. the state or disguise of such a woman or girl.
[1660–70; < Italian; feminine of incognito]
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References in classic literature ?
But you must be a thorough whaleman, to see these sights; and not only that, but if you wish to return to such a sight again, you must be sure and take the exact intersecting latitude and longitude of your first stand-point, else so chance-like are such observations of the hills, that your precise, previous stand-point would require a laborious re-discovery; like the Solomon islands, which still remain incognita, though once high-ruffed Mendanna trod them and old Figuera chronicled them.
The Rocky Mountains formed a vast barrier between them and the United States, and their stern and awful defiles, their rugged valleys, and the great western plains watered by their rivers, remained almost a terra incognita to the American trapper.
The fair 'Incognita' turned her head quickly at the sudden question.
He had recognized by certain unmistakable signs, that his fair incognita belonged to the aristocracy.
"All the nobility of Rome will be present, and if your fair incognita belong to the higher class of society, she must go there."
Beyond the place wher we slept last night, the country is completely terra incognita for it was there that Captain Stokes turned back.
Meloidogyne incognita is a plant parasite and highly damage causing nematode.
Characterization of susceptibility and resistance responses to root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) infection in okra germplasm.
On the mezzanine of the museum, visitors will find Wulia's mural, installation, game-performance, and DIY kit with single-channel video work, titled 'Terra Incognita, Et Cetera.' Two work series by Gupta are also in this area-the 'Untitled,' pencil trancings on paper, and '100 Hand Drawn Maps of My Country,' carbon tracings on paper, which, like the Aqulizans', was also collaborative.
The Terra Incognita Reader: Early Writings from the Great Smoky Mountains