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Lacking knowledge or awareness; unaware: incognizant of the new political situation.

in·cog′ni·zance (-zəns) n.
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Noun1.incognizance - a lack of knowledge or recognition
knowing - a clear and certain mental apprehension
awareness, cognisance, cognizance, knowingness, consciousness - having knowledge of; "he had no awareness of his mistakes"; "his sudden consciousness of the problem he faced"; "their intelligence and general knowingness was impressive"
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A major hurdle is societal incognizance and obliviousness of our disdainful attitude towards the problem and the resultant suffering of the victims.
These problems pertain to weakness in information & technology and innovation research & development, limited usage of bank loans, insufficient credit guarantee system, insufficient use of modern market strategies, and incognizance of quality & brand concepts.
In this process of incognizance we shall start by simplifying the nature of our experiences in 3 categories of consciousness:
In conclusion, it is essential as Dalamba (2000) avers that schools aim at teaching an African program based on an African centered perspective incognizance of challenges of cultural diversity and the economic needs of the nation.
To clarify the apparent analytical incognizance of the classicals to which I am pointing, consider the indented description below of a free market's inherent process of incessant error-correction, as ably formulated by Peter Boettke and Frederic Sautet (2011).
"What Some Ghosts Don't Know: Spectral Incognizance and the Horror Film." Nar 17.1 (2009): 95-110.
Of the many problems with the XO laptop, some are mistakes that were a result of inadequate testing and rushing a product to market, some were the result of incognizance about laptop use in a classroom or home compared to use in a laboratory, and some are intentional design decisions.
b) Advertising of information: incognizance / poor knowledge of the types of information that can offered, the local council results