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n. pl. in·co·her·en·cies
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Noun1.incoherency - lack of cohesion or clarity or organization
disconnectedness, disconnection, disjunction, disjuncture - state of being disconnected
disjointedness - lacking order or coherence
2.incoherency - nonsense that is simply incoherent and unintelligibleincoherency - nonsense that is simply incoherent and unintelligible
hokum, meaninglessness, nonsense, nonsensicality, bunk - a message that seems to convey no meaning
word salad - jumble of incoherent speech as sometimes heard in schizophrenia
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You do not understand my position," returned the doctor, with a certain incoherency of manner.
Nobody has any right--except children, perhaps--and even then, it seems to me--or it did seem--" She felt that her speech was voicing the incoherency of her thoughts, and stopped abruptly.
* Out of the ethical incoherency and inconsistency of capitalism, the oligarchs emerged with a new ethics, coherent and definite, sharp and severe as steel, the most absurd and unscientific and at the same time the most potent ever possessed by any tyrant class.
The incoherency of your letters, and certain things too trifling to mention, had made me suspect that some unusual calamity had befallen you.
Then he told his secret over again, with the addition of being pathetic on the subject of Miss Wackles, who, he gave Mr Quilp to understand, was the occasion of any slight incoherency he might observe in his speech at that moment, which was attributable solely to the strength of his affection and not to rosy wine or other fermented liquor.
This line of thought offered, perhaps, some respite, and possessed of a brain that had its station considerably above the tumult of the senses, he tried to reduce the vague and wandering incoherency of his emotions to order.
When a psychotic episode happens, a person becomes uncertain about reality and usually experiences delusions, hallucinations, off-the-wall behavior, incoherency and chaotic speech.
The model in this paper would take into account not only the motion distribution with time but also the spatial variability (incoherency effect), the wave-passage effect, and the site-response effect.
Despite Suleiman's film's incoherency, this analysis will tackle it through the following motifs: sacredness of the mundane, the fruitless future that awaits Palestinians, and the loss of a collective Palestinian identity.
A quick control+F neatly bridges this incoherency: The name Bashar al-Assad appears zero times in the entire essay.
Results suggest incoherency in cloaking with an acceptable inaccuracy of around 2 to 10 percent.
To demonstrate Minimalism's incoherency, Smith notes that the Minimalists view Brown v.