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1. Impossible to be transmitted; not communicable: an incommunicable disease.
2. Incommunicative: an executive who was maddeningly incommunicable.

in′com·mu′ni·ca·bil′i·ty n.
in′com·mu′ni·ca·bly adv.
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(6.) Tougaw 2004 adopts both lines of critical approach to Delbo, stressing the incommunicability of trauma as a "dream" while also focusing on the aesthetic techniques that turn that dream into an aesthetic relic.
The topic of incommunicability, one of the Italian director's favourites, found a perfect interpreter in that young, enigmatic woman, who can express herself almost without speaking.
For Sade, thus, it is the topos, or better, the Utopian ou-topos, the solitary "nowhere," the displacement of the self in the imagination of absolute incommunicability, that becomes the "good place" (eu-topos) of an unprecedented heightening of voluptuous, perverse pleasure.
The underground world is emphasizing the incommunicability of one's experiences, and thus the absoluteness of existential loneliness.
The cliches attempt to penetrate the incommunicability of chaos.
that there are zones of opacity and incommunicability in the words that
Their loneliness, incommunicability, and solipsism, which characterize the entire volume, are reflected in a prose that highlights the sense of disjuncture and oppression that so pervaded Francoist society.
Among his followers in the exhibition, nowhere is this better demonstrated than in Pensionante del Saraceni's painting of The Denial of Saint Peter, c.1615-20, in which the dark void that separates the two protagonists heightens incommunicability. Opposing the servant girl's illuminated wide-open mouth and emphatic hand gestures, a frail looking Peter, in a moment of grave human error, appears to shrink back into the darkness.
On the operative level of communication the new media lead to a paradox, a double bind, or what has been called "incommunicability" ("inkommunikabilitat", Fuchs 172).
En tanto que en su conjunto las cronicas de Casanova son un collage textual narrado por una narradora cuyas multiples identidades textuales le permiten contar diversos aspectos de la guerra, nuestra cronista parece compartir la problematica con la cual bregaron los escritores de la llamada Gran Guerra que, segun Paul Fussell en su importante libro The Great War and Modern Memory (1975), era la de intentar describir su "utter incredibility, and thus its incommunicability in its own terms" (139).