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adv. & adj.
Without the means or right of communicating with others: a prisoner held incommunicado; incommunicado political detainees.

[Spanish incomunicado, past participle of incomunicar, to deny communication : in-, not (from Latin; see in-1) + comunicar, to communicate (from Latin commūnicāre; see communicate).]
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adv, adj
(postpositive) deprived of communication with other people, as while in solitary confinement
[C19: from Spanish incomunicado, from incomunicar to deprive of communication; see in-1, communicate]
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(ˌɪn kəˌmyu nɪˈkɑ doʊ)

adv., adj.
1. without means of communication with others: to hold a spy incommunicado.
2. in solitary confinement.
[1835–45, Amer.; < Sp incomunicado, past participle of incomincar to deprive of communication]
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Adj.1.incommunicado - without the means or right to communicate; "a prisoner held incommunicado"; "incommunicado political detainees"
incommunicative, uncommunicative - not inclined to talk or give information or express opinions
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[ˌɪnkəmjʊnɪˈkɑːdəʊ] ADJincomunicado
to hold sb incommunicadomantener incomunicado a algn
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[ˌɪnkəmjuːnɪˈkɑːdəʊ] adj
to be kept incommunicado → être tenu(e) au secret
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adj predohne jede Verbindung zur Außenwelt, abgesondert; he was held incommunicadoer hatte keinerlei Verbindung zur Außenwelt; to be incommunicado (fig)für niemanden zu sprechen sein
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[ˌɪnkəˌmjuːnɪˈkɑːdəʊ] adj to hold sb incommunicadotenere segregato/a qn
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After 11 years incommunicado they are cajoled into performing an old sketch for a BBC variety show.
In the pictures from 1976, it's as if two parts of Sherman's aesthetic were still incommunicado, one series ("Bus Riders") being devoted to banality, the other ("Murder Mystery People") to melodrama.
However, he remained incommunicado yesterday despite repeated attempts to contact him, and it was left to the NGRC to yesterday confirm that area stipendiary steward Adrian Smith had been to Swaffham to remove its greyhounds' identity books, effectively closing the track.
Refusal to obey a direct order has serious consequences and would likely have landed him in "the hole" - a punitive cell in isolation, totally incommunicado, for up to 90 days.
During the 27 hours it remained incommunicado, NEAR expended some 25 kilograms of fuel to maintain its proper orientation.
Bill said he would try to arrange this, but unfortunately the senator was "incommunicado in Disney World" for the next two or three days.
The four were taken to a military police office, held incommunicado and tortured, according to the Latin American Institute for Alternative Legal Services, a regional human rights and legal association with which I.P.C.
They told the prime minister that the citizens had been confined and rendered incommunicado by suspending all communication networks, including telephone and internet.
An American English teacher, the fourth suspect in the gruesome murder and dismemberment of a Canadian English teacher, was ordered by a New Taipei court to be held incommunicado after being arrested yesterday.
Summary: Port Louis [Mauritius], June 3 (ANI): External Affairs Minister (EAM) Sushma Swaraj's VIP flight from Trivandrum to Mauritius going incommunicado for around 14 minutes has been confirmed by authorities, however, they insist that it would not comprise a 'mid air scare' .
Instead, they dragged me and forcefully removed me from Kenya unconscious.Is Mr Odinga telling Kenyans that torture, sedation, destruction of my house, incommunicado detention and forceful removal are permissible?Seventh, its completely unacceptable for Mr Odinga to minimize the barbaric treatment I have been subjected to by suggesting that all I am required to do is go to Ottawa and receive my Kenyan passport when Kihalangwa has served a letter on me through the Kenya National Commission for Human Rights and my advocates, stating that they will not issue me with a passport and that they are continuing to disobey Justice Kimarus order that quashed their purported cancellation of my citizenship.
Similarly, when Snow revisited China in 1960 he praised the mass work projects of the Great Leap Forward, yet acknowledged that many of the eager, bright students he had known in the 1930s had been rendered incommunicado by the antirightist purge of 1957.