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Noun1.incompetent person - someone who is not competent to take effective actionincompetent person - someone who is not competent to take effective action
unskilled person - a person who lacks technical training
blunderer, botcher, bumbler, bungler, fumbler, sad sack, stumbler, butcher - someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence
slouch - an incompetent person; usually used in negative constructions; "he's no slouch when it comes to baseball"
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Sikandar Memon to have latest update, who was appointed focal person for media, but he did not receive any call nor had the guts to call back which also proved that a most incompetent person has been appointed on a technical post because of his special contacts murdering merit.
Insane or incompetent person as declared by competent authority unless subsequently declared by proper authority that such person is no longer insane or incompetent.
An incompetent person has been imposed on country as a Prime Minister that ridicules Islamic teachings in the disguise of Riyasat- e- Madina.
He said it was regrettable that the most incompetent person had been installed as chief minister of the country's biggest province.
He added Khan is an incompetent person and to hide his incompetence, he is blaming the previous government.
Whether this means firing an incompetent person or fixing a faulty piece of equipment is immaterial.
'This incompetent person who is imposed on the people has made their lives miserable,' she said.
Each day under the reign of an incompetent person is a day wasted, which damages the general public.
So isn't it time for this totally incompetent person to go (without any form of recompence) and the HS2 scrapped once and for all?
They alleged that eight to 10 teachers had already retired from government service approximately two years ago or had died but they had also been issued show-cause notices which prove that most incompetent person had been posted since long as DEO Primary in Larkana without knowing his expertise who cannot run schools on scientific lines and improve fundamental education system.
From the Latin "for the lawsuit" GALs are appointed by the court to act on behalf of a minor or incompetent person for a particular legal proceeding.
The judge while expressing displeasure over the reply by the interior secretary remarked that if legislation is enacted within a day to protect an incompetent person, why is the government using dirty tactics on the issue of removal of blasphemous content from social media.