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However, an incomplete fracture line was still evident on multiple projections.
Insufficiency fracture is an incomplete fracture caused by repeated tensile or compressive stresses, and generally osteoporosis is one of the most common causes for insufficiency fracture.
Femoral bow was measured at the ipsilateral femur in cases of incomplete fracture but was measured at the contralateral femur in cases of complete fracture as we were not able to obtain the radiographs of the femur prior to occurrence of fractures in most cases in both the study and control groups.
In this population, pars injuries are one of the primary causes of back pain and include defects ranging from a stress reaction with interosseous edema to incomplete fracture to non-union.
The incomplete fracture was stabilized with a proximal femoral nail (synthes) [[Figure 2]d, left and middle], the fracture site was impacted with an artificial bone graft (ALLOMATRIX[sup]?
The gem also contained surface-breaking fractures that displayed blue, green and 'golden' yellow colour flashes (Figure 22)--suggestive of fissures that have been filled with resin--along with a few reflective patches that resulted from incomplete fracture filling.
Radiograph of right femur revealed an incomplete fracture on tension side of right femoral diaphysis, (Figure1) (a & b), which was treated conservatively with rest and continuation of alendronate along with calcium and vitamin D3 supplementation.

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