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1. Not complete.
2. Football Not caught in bounds or intercepted: an incomplete forward pass.
A grade indicating that the requirements for an academic course or assignment have not been met.

in′com·plete′ly adv.
in′com·plete′ness, in′com·ple′tion n.


  1. Incomplete and unfinished like an apple that has begun to shrink before it has reached maturity —Louis Bromfield
  2. Incomplete as the world on the fifth day of creation —Anon
  3. Incomplete like a pastrami sandwich without a pickle —Ed Mc Bain
  4. Incomplete … like a tree without leaves, a building without a foundation, or a shadow without the body that casts it (The knight-errant without a lady is like … ) —Miguel de Cervantes
  5. Unfinished [sentence] like a plaster half of an ancient sculptured torso —Penelope Gilliatt
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Noun1.incompleteness - the state of being crude and incomplete and imperfect; "the study was criticized for incompleteness of data but it stimulated further research"; "the rawness of his diary made it unpublishable"
integrity, unity, wholeness - an undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting; "the integrity of the nervous system is required for normal development"; "he took measures to insure the territorial unity of Croatia"
partialness - the state of being only a part; not total; incomplete
sketchiness - incompleteness of details
completeness - the state of being complete and entire; having everything that is needed


[ˌɪnkəmˈpliːtnɪs] Nlo incompleto
because of the incompleteness of the reformsa causa de lo incompleto de las reformas


n (of collection, series)Unvollkommenheit f, → Unvollständigkeit f; (of knowledge, information)Lückenhaftigkeit f; (= unfinished state: of painting, novel) → Unfertigkeit f
References in classic literature ?
There is another young lady here, who is less abnormally developed than the one I have just described, but who yet bears the stamp of this peculiar combination of incompleteness and effeteness.
You remember that day when I bled the old lady's dog--well, I have found out since then that there's a sort of incompleteness in my life which I never suspected before.
This moral aim -- as opposed to the currently accepted technical aim of the poem -- explains the otherwise puzzling incompleteness of the instructions on farming and seafaring.
How much of the incompleteness of his situation was referable to her father, through the painful anxiety to avoid reviving old associations of France in his mind, he did not discuss with himself.
In order to account for that wish I must mention-- what it were otherwise needless to refer to--that my life, on all collateral accounts insignificant, derives a possible importance from the incompleteness of labors which have extended through all its best years.
The apprehension of dying suddenly, and leaving one fact or one figure with any incompleteness or obscurity attaching to it, would have stretched Mr.
Wretch that you are,' she answered, and now her hands clasped her head: 'through what fatal error of Flintwinch's, through what incompleteness on his part, who was the only other person helping in these things and trusted with them, through whose and what bringing together of the ashes of a burnt paper, you have become possessed of that codicil, I know no more than how you acquired the rest of your power here--'
Tom had his terrible clutch on her conscience and her deepest dread; she writhed under the demonstrable truth of the character he had given to her conduct, and yet her whole soul rebelled against it as unfair from its incompleteness.
The impression was always strongest in the most contradictory manner, when she looked at me; or, in other words, when I was most conscious of the harmony and charm of her face, and yet, at the same time, most troubled by the sense of an incompleteness which it was impossible to discover.
Zese addresses the problem of incompleteness and/or uncertainty that are intrinsic to much information, especially when it is collected from different sources, and presents a complete framework for handling it in the Semantic Web.
Her works exist both in the gallery space and beyond it, and she grants her objects a parallel existence in their partial absence or in their incompleteness evinced, for example, by an earring hanging from a bronze frame, whose twin lives a separate life with its owner, or by six pairs of colored contact lenses (placed on a marble slab) identical to those worn by six of the artist's friends.
Verrastro 4 - 85100 Power; Safe Deposit will also guarantee payment to the Contracting Authority of the financial penalty equal to one thousandth of the total value of / the lot / s for which the Company competes, but not exceeding, in total, EUR 50 000, in the event lack, incompleteness or essential irregularities of the affidavits, in art.