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1. Not complete.
2. Football Not caught in bounds or intercepted: an incomplete forward pass.
A grade indicating that the requirements for an academic course or assignment have not been met.

in′com·plete′ly adv.
in′com·plete′ness, in′com·ple′tion n.
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But a spike, two incompletions and a sack by Peppers all but ended Denver's playoff hopes.
The Saints' quarterback has 29 touchdown passes with just two interceptions and 82 incompletions this year.
Neal also completed a third-and-2 pass to keep the drive alive before it stalled out with four straight incompletions from the NIU 35.
had more touchdown passes (six) than incompletions (5) during Oregon's impressive 48-28 victory over USC.
With two incompletions, Florida burned only 44 seconds off the clock before giving it back to Carden and the Pirates' high-powered offense at their own 42.
Inside the final two minutes the 49ers were within five yards of the endzone but three successive incompletions meant the Ravens held firm.
Indianapolis and New Orleans boast defences who can apply pressure on opposing passers and when the game is on the line, quarterbacks can often settle the game by throwing interceptions or incompletions. Take the 7-5 that there won't be a late score.
Of the three incompletions, two passes were dropped and another was smartly thrown away under duress.
After the initial returns, the completed assignments trickled in, one or two each time their primary instructor reminded them of their assignment incompletions for the Teaching Scholars program.
The end result is interceptions, incompletions, and fumbles.
In general, when defective units are produced or incompletions occur, units are either scrapped or removed from the line immediately and sent to a separate off-line repair shop or field rework facilities (see, e.g.
Brady struggled in the third quarter throwing six incompletions in a row, while Rodgers recorded his second touchdown of the game with a pass to Jimmy Graham and the tie the game going into the fourth quarter.