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Not willing to comply.

in′com·pli′ance, in′com·pli′an·cy n.
in′com·pli′ant·ly adv.


not compliant; unyielding or inflexible
ˌincomˈpliance, ˌincomˈpliancy n
ˌincomˈpliantly adv


(ˌɪn kəmˈplaɪ ənt)

not compliant.
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The Bank of Russia has set a procedure for, and has been maintaining a database on, persons whose business reputation is recognised as incompliant with statutory requirements.
The NRA has notified the Customs Agency about an incompliant warehouse keeper, whose license should be withdrawn.
Badr further points out that the fines specified by the law for incompliant companies range between LE 5,000 and LE 100,000 ($281 and $5,622) adding that the committee deals with many other areas stipulated by the law and by the decree issued by the Minister of Trade and Industry for its formation.
The process through which the current contracts were awarded can be categorised in three distinct phases, that is: Phase 1 being the negotiations leading to a direct order extending the previous contract by one year, during which the Ministry was to re-secure the service through a competitive tender for subsequent years; Phase 2 revolving around the Ministrys attempt at procuring this service through a competitive tender, which failed due to bids either being technically incompliant or significantly exceeding the budgeted estimate; and Phase 3 dealing with the negotiated procedure leading to the signing of the current contracts with the five previously unsuccessful bidders.
grandfather clause or grace period for incompliant VIE structures, this
As is routine when a firearm or weapon is mentioned, in order to ensure the safety of the males and officers involved, a Taser was discharged as one man became violent and incompliant whilst his arrest was taking place.
The new app would enhance the efficiency of parking inspectors, ease field jobs in terms of expediting the taking of right decisions in endorsing parking permits, or issuing offence tickets to incompliant retail outlets," she added.
From terrorist sanctions lists and No-Fly lists to "kill-lists" for drone warfare; from the privately compiled lists of risky banking clients to the regulatory lists of untrustworthy or incompliant companies, the list seems to proliferate as a contemporary technology of security and regulation.
Those who were incompliant to the SOP have been penalized by lodging FIRs against them.
It smartly positions vehicles incompliant with the rules, and enhances the quality of images of such vehicles, which in turn will reflect positively on the speed of responding to complaints and signing them off in a timely manner", bin Udai said.
It smartly positions vehicles incompliant with the rules, which would help resolve issues in a timely manner.
Closing this road located within the liberated area by the UNIFIL is incompliant with UN resolution 1701, and comes within the frame of the international peacekeepers' responsiveness to an Israeli tendency to close that road," Fayyad indicated in a word delivered during a mass rally at the eastern entrance of Abbassieh village.