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 (ĭn′kŏm-prĭ-hĕn′sĭv, ĭn-kŏm′-)
Limited in scope; not all-inclusive.

in′com·pre·hen′sive·ly adv.


(ˌɪnkɒmprɪˈhɛnsɪv; ɪnˌkɒm-)
not comprehensive; limited in range or scope
ˌincompreˈhensively adv
ˌincompreˈhensiveness n
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Adj.1.incomprehensive - not comprehensive
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Then her intellect turns instead from the unknowability of birds' song to the incomprehensiveness of beauty.
Supervision on the insured and supervision on the observance of the tariffs are among the responsibilities of the insurance organization, of course in confronting the violations there is no possibility for nullifying the contract (2), the results of the current study show that due to the non universality, incomprehensiveness of the policy making and unrealistic tariffs even in the public hospitals and specially in the hospitals which are being regulated by the board of trustees, the tariffs on some of the specialized and ultra specialized services are not being observed.
Undoubtedly, these reforms gave rise to agriculture production, but due to its incomprehensiveness they remained quantitative stimulants whilst administrative and resource management sides were ignored.