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1. Impossible to compress.
2. Resistant to compression.

in′com·press′i·bil′i·ty n.
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Noun1.incompressibility - the property of being incompressible
hardness - the property of being rigid and resistant to pressure; not easily scratched; measured on Mohs scale
compressibility, squeezability, sponginess - the property of being able to occupy less space
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We will infer distinctive features of the laughlin state incompressibility and atom anti-bunching from the distribution of atom positions.
Water was selected as the pressurizing fluid due to its incompressibility to ensure a uniform distribution of pressure throughout the tube specimen.
At this step, the incompressibility of the fluid is not satisfied, i.
where the axial velocity is constant as a result of the incompressibility of the fluid.
The conversion of the nominal stress-nominal strain relation is based on the assumption of the incompressibility of the cast iron with the negligible elastic compressive strain for the graphite under compression.
Foster and Metaxas [10] used explicit finite differencing for advection and viscosity, successive over-relaxation (SOR) for pressure projection and incompressibility, and massless marker particles for surface representation.
Three methods of calculating true stress in biaxial tension tests were compared, based on incompressibility assumption, linear elastic theory and inverse engineering method, respectively.
The FE simulation of spine pathologies, like disc degeneration, have been simulated by changing the material properties of different disc tissues, such as reducing the incompressibility of the nucleus or increasing the elasticity of the ground substance [39], [2], [15], [29] found that apart from intrinsic changes, there were changes in the geometrical parameters, like reduction in disc height during degeneration.
Notably, an incompressibility test on the space-time diagrams led to a classification of the behavior of CAs and TMs thereby identifying nontrivial behavior [2].
Then, the axial strain rate is determined from the incompressibility equations as
s] is the normal force on the membrane which controls the cell incompressibility, and [F.
As a consequence of the incompressibility constraint (5) for [alpha] = s, the partial stress tensor for the solid [[sigma].