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Not conclusive: inconclusive evidence.

in′con·clu′sive·ly adv.
in′con·clu′sive·ness n.
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Noun1.inconclusiveness - the quality of being inconclusive
indefiniteness, indefinity, indeterminacy, indeterminateness, indetermination - the quality of being vague and poorly defined
conclusiveness, finality, decisiveness - the quality of being final or definitely settled; "the finality of death"
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[ˌɪnkənˈkluːsɪvnɪs] N [of evidence, verdict, trial] → lo no concluyente; [of talks] → falta f de resultados concluyentes
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The hours he spent with Ruth were maddening alike in promise and in inconclusiveness. It was a week after he cured her headache that a moonlight sail on Lake Merritt was proposed by Norman and seconded by Arthur and Olney.
But far from restricting progress of computer science, the knowledge of such inconclusiveness paved the way for building previously unimagined technologies.
Although this is simply speculation, an expert contribution to such a discussion could contribute to the intrigue of the narrative whilst taking into account the complexity and inconclusiveness thereof.
Spectators must be extra attentive, connect apparently unrelated features, make up for ellipses or silences, and above all accept inconclusiveness. A sequence in Il divo opens with a medium shot of galloping jockeys.
What's maddening is its inconclusiveness. The author was listed in 2010 as one of the twenty best British novelists under forty.
Not surprisingly, the "meaning" of modernist art, to the extent it can be distinguished at all, seems always to confirm the inconclusiveness, indeterminacy, and ambiguity of experience.
After the preliminary inquiry, and especially after the inconclusiveness of the Grange Inquiry, attention turned to the way the police investigation and prosecution were carried out.
According to Wutz, in Lowry's attempt to overreach the information capacity of the novel, "sentences tend to trail off into inconclusiveness or enmesh themselves into arabesque loops that defer closure" (15).
The concepts that the students put forth as the reasoning of the metaphors that they have come up with regarding a malfunctioning educational system (disengagement, inconclusiveness, fruitlessness, inability to nourish, being dysfunctional, congestion, immovability, being unnatural, being enclosed, uselessness, defectiveness, breakability, superfluous size, immobility, emptiness, incoherence, artificiality and slipperiness), seem to be affirmative of the problems in the operation of a system.
Almost all science rests in a realm of inconclusiveness, where there is credible, but unproven, evidence associating a thing with an effect, and where informed conclusions are reached about the likelihood of the thing to produce the effect in the ordinary course.
In Boldon's work, this low-level anxiety is linked to an implicit inconclusiveness about new technologies.
While I'm not convinced that this book arrives at any definitive metaphysical answers, this inconclusiveness is appropriate given Adolph's literary focus: while the writers analyzed here each wrestle with the mind-body problem, none comes close to resolving it.