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 (ĭn-kŏng′gro͞o-ənt, ĭn′kŏn-gro͞o′ənt)
1. Not congruent.
2. Incongruous.

in·con′gru·ence n.
in·con′gru·ent·ly adv.
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Gender role incongruence is measured by the interaction of gender and type of crime, and gender and relationship of victim.
The transgender experience is typified by feelings of incongruence, and sometimes unease, with the gender assigned at birth.
If they continue to have distress even after being affirmed for their way of expressing gender, it may be indicative they are experiencing some incongruence surrounding their gender assigned at birth and their "true," or internal, gender.
It is true that Lowin's work is not as decisive as might be thought, but it nonetheless retains a degree of incongruence in its invective "against every dancer and danceresse, which in their dances have no remembrance of God, are greatly culpable before the eyes of God himselfe, although they seeme to be without fault in the sight of men." (3)
1971), reduced the scope of the oath because of its incongruence with modern life and precise procedural rules, but did not eliminate it entirely because of its functional role to attain the truth, being a practical tool for the judge (p.
The translation itself is lovely, with only the odd incongruence or two.
As to incongruence and incoherence, these are definitely present but also provisional.
Charlotte Joy's study illustrates the incongruence between institutional strategies for conserving Djenne's mud buildings and the reality of residing in a poverty-stricken town.
Volume 2 raises issues about the incongruence of incentives that arise when the coercive power of the state is privatized and the goal of prisons becomes profit.
Incongruence is the second problem as most of the communication between people is non-verbal, and when that is out of sync with words, people send mixed messages.