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 (ĭn-kŏng′gro͞o-ənt, ĭn′kŏn-gro͞o′ənt)
1. Not congruent.
2. Incongruous.

in·con′gru·ence n.
in·con′gru·ent·ly adv.


(ɪnˈkɒŋ gru ənt, ˌɪn kənˈgru-, -kəŋ-)

not congruent.
[1525–35; < Latin]
in•con′gru•ent•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.incongruent - not congruent
geometry - the pure mathematics of points and lines and curves and surfaces
congruent - coinciding when superimposed


1. Made up of parts or qualities that are disparate or otherwise markedly lacking in consistency:
2. In sharp opposition:
Logic: repugnant.


adj (= incompatible)nicht übereinstimmend (to, with mit); (= incongruous)unpassend, unangebracht; (Math, Ling) → inkongruent; (fig) storyungereimt, widersinnig
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Her choice of words was still dramatic, calling the view of the crowds mesmeric and wonderful and even describing herself as passionate and feisty but her delivery was incongruent, with the old enthusiasm, energy and bounce missing," she explained.
The participants were asked to press the 'No' key if the idiom was incongruent and 'Yes' if it was congruent.
To be clear, the implementation of check-and-balances in government and the enforcement of public accountability is not incongruent with the respect for Constitutionally guaranteed independence.
The answers may seem incongruent, but with the discussion below, we will see there is no contradiction.
Raising objections on the move, the prosecutor for the anti-graft watchdog argued that all the medical reports submitted by the suspect were incongruent.
2005) and by the results of our Experiment 1, outcome congruency was an important determinant of LPE, then the effect should be more likely to be found in the congruent than in the incongruent condition.
Some findings suggest that incongruent audiovisual combinations are rated as less emotionally as other congruent combinations, however, there have been dissonant evidence (Gerdes et al.
She is excellent in making these incongruent themes makes sense against one another; it provides a lot of theatrical discomfort in the audience.
2004), for example, bilinguals have shorter reaction times (RTs) for both congruent and incongruent trials (Bialystok et al.
At a joint press conference after the meeting Lavrov stated that Turkey and Russia hold different opinions regarding the future of Syrian President al-Assad and that incongruent approaches to the crisis are bound to doom any agreement between the two countries.
In the incongruent condition, the arrow can point in the same or opposite direction as the arrow of reference, which can increase reaction time (e.
A romance for Zinc initially appears incongruent for her character, however, she is finding herself and discovering strengths she was unaware of, so the romance is simply another manifestation of that journey.