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Lacking harmony, agreement, or compatibility; discordant.

in·con′so·nance n.
in·con′so·nant·ly adv.


lacking in harmony or compatibility; discordant
inˈconsonance n
inˈconsonantly adv


(ɪnˈkɒn sə nənt)

not consonant or in accord.
in•con′so•nance, n.
in•con′so•nant•ly, adv.
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Devoid of harmony and accord:
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Senator Ghafoor Haidri raised an objection saying, fixing the age of 18 years for Nikah is inconsonant with the Shariah law therefore the bill may be sent to Islamic Ideology Council (IIC) for further discussion.
Senator Ghafoor Haidri raised an objection, saying fixing the age of 18 years for Nikah is inconsonant with the Shariah; therefore, the bill may be sent to the Islamic Ideology Council (IIC) for further discussion.
This was a "five-alarm fire," said this former intelligence official --highly anomalous and inconsonant with the behaviors of other hostile intelligence services like those of Russia or China.
(Masood et al., 2018) Numerous accessible techniques are inconsonant with instantaneous decision-making of Internet of Things-based health monitoring systems.
"The presence of large numbers of children and adolescents, in a setting under the control of public-school authorities, is inconsonant with the legislative-prayer tradition."
According to a statement issued in Abuja on Saturday by Kola Ologbondiyan, the campaign's spokesman, 'this plot is inconsonant with the desperation of the Buhari Presidency to foist a siege mentality on the nation ahead of the 2019 general elections, harass voters and create a sense of escalated insecurity, so as to stalemate the electoral process, once it becomes clearer that the All Progressives Congress (APC) was losing.'
This paper argues that these two conceptions are logically independent, but philosophically inconsonant.
Thus, the inconsonant inclusion criteria may contribute to the lower incidence of nosocomial infections observed in our study.
This is inconsonant with International studies which suggest more vulnerability of women to CF as compared to men13.
However, he relativizes once again his involvement in these US policy services by adding that his connection with the MIT's Center 'was nominal at best', and the results the Modjukuto team produced were considered by the Center staff and the team itself as 'rather to the side of the Center's mission, inconsonant with its "applied" emphasis and too concerned with what the program-minded types took to be parochial matters' (Geertz 2002:6-7).
With a lightness of touch that neither burdens the reader with elaborate directional markers nor jars the rhythmic ease of her narrative momentum, she gestures at landmarks here, signposts there, voices everywhere, allowing signifiers an autonomy free of glib assumptions or any implication that historical context can be reduced to its lowest common denominator--"that is the way things were." On the contrary, Thomas Hardy's Brains steadfastly points to inconsonant, variable background sources delivered in the unassuming voice of a messenger: