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Adj.1.incontestible - incapable of being contested or disputed
unquestionable - incapable of being questioned; "unquestionable authority"
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All of these larger pi-pis--like that of the Hoolah Hoolah ground in the Typee valley--bore incontestible marks of great age; and I am disposed to believe that their erection may be ascribed to the same race of men who were the builders of the still more ancient remains I have just described.
Still, however, his speech was hailed by Cedric as an incontestible token of reviving spirit in his companion, whose previous indifference had begun, notwithstanding his respect for Athelstane's descent, to wear out his patience.
101) The Court argued that "[i]t is incontestible that the Constitution established a system of 'dual sovereignty'" because there are allusions to state sovereignty throughout the "Constitution's text.
The [c]ourt finds it incontestible that a real estate developer (like DEK/Camus) who takes a client's money in exchange for the promise to buy a piece of land and build a home on that piece of land owes a duty of care to the client to exercise reasonable care in handling her money and performing his duties.
I just want some incontestible 100 carat truth about the climate and the benefits of European Union and I don't feel we've got that truth yet.
The first five words (admired, midnight, already, ev'ry, and lovely), in which the syllable division is incontestible, reveal a clear pattern: all consonants are voiced.