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 (ĭn-kŏn′trə-vûr′tə-bəl, ĭn′kŏn-)
Impossible to dispute; unquestionable: incontrovertible proof of the defendant's innocence.

in·con′tro·vert′i·bil′i·ty, in·con′tro·vert′i·ble·ness n.
in·con′tro·vert′i·bly adv.
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Noun1.incontrovertibility - the quality of being undeniable and not worth arguing about
indisputability, indubitability, unquestionability, unquestionableness - the quality of being beyond question or dispute or doubt
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The explicit prescription of the statement is underscored by the rhetorical strategy that both the History and Persuasion use: they attempt to achieve incontrovertibility. Comparing passages about the connection between repetition and enjoyment in the History of Lyme Regis and Persuasion is helpful here.
The Unique Identification Authority which issues Aadhaar card says the data is secure with it, though questions have been raised about the incontrovertibility of the claim.
The resolution of the conflict has assumed contours of incontrovertibility, something that needs to be done, and done immediately, without any further delay.
The incontrovertibility of Victorian artistic symbolism was "hateful" to Woolf, who stated in a letter to Roger Fry: "I can't manage Symbolism except in this vague, generalised way" (L3 385).