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The state or quality of being incorporeal; immateriality.

[Medieval Latin incorporeitās, from Latin incorporeus, incorporeal; see incorporeal.]
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They defended the Incarnation in the face of Muslim concerns for the complete unity of God and the utter incorporeity of God, among other issues.
For an introduction to the scholastic problem, see Marleen Rozemond, "The Role of the Intellect in Descartes's Case for the Incorporeity of the Mind," in Essays on the Philosophy and Science of Rene Descartes, ed.
Even the statement "God is" may be at best a tenuous predication of the divine if we are to take seriously some of the post-Heideggerian theologies emerging, e.g., Jean-Luc Marion,(8) Robert Scharlemann.(9) Likewise the pneumatological affirmation, God is Spirit, does not simply posit God's incorporeity. The Johannine pericope rather highlights the contrast between Samaritan and Jewish claims to the temple's sacred mediation of divine presence and the manifestation of that presence in Jesus as the Word enfleshed.