(ĭn′krē-āt′, ĭn-krē′ĭt)
Existing without having been created.

[Middle English increat, from Late Latin increātus : Latin in-, not; see in-1 + Latin creātus, past participle of creāre, to create; see create.]

in′cre·ate′ly adv.
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(ˌɪnkrɪˈeɪt; ˈɪnkrɪˌeɪt)
archaic poetic (esp of gods) never having been created
ˌincreˈately adv
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since God is light, And never but in unapproached light Dwelt from Eternitie, dwelt then in thee, Bright effluence of bright essence increate. Or hear'st thou rather pure Ethereal stream, Whose Fountain who shall tell?
We kept that in mind when reviewing applications such as Stephen's project, which is using technology to increate government transparency," Gilger said.
The government needs to announce IT Vision 2020 so that IT is leveraged as the greater accelerator of economic growth by setting aggressive goals to increate automation in industry and increasing PC penetration in households across Pakistan.
To increate the accuracy of candidate text region, the gap of canny edge are patched by conducting two morphological close operations.
After the signing ceremony on June 20, KazPV project leader Azat Betekbayev said: "With this memorandum in place we will sign a range of concrete contracts to supply solar-grade silicon produced by KazSilicon's Ushtobe factory to Qatar: 500 tons in 2016, 500 tons in 2017, and will increate the amounts later on.
Articles and methods: In this research, according to city dwelling coefficient in 2010 at Semnan (calculated 77/5 percent), and increate of this coefficient in national level, and on the other hemnd having most population of city dueling (89/6 coefficient) in Semnan, so Semnan is studied As a case study.
In addition, the authentic portrayals can increate learners' motivation (Phan, 2011).
Kuwait played a big role in the fields of industry and investment, helping to increate the trading rate, he added.
The results of this research point out that the root length of both varieties with the increate of lead concentration of the food solution showed a significant decrease (P < 5%) in comparison to witness treatment (Fig.
For a literary gloss, consider Milton's epithet for Christ: "Bright effluence of bright essence increate"--thus, a God who does not exist ("increate") until he expresses himself in Christ, his own expression, or, effluence.
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