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Social or political gradualism.

in′cre·men′tal·ist adj. & n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) political theory the theory, or implementation thereof, that change should be introduced gradually or by increments
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Each chapter deals with a dichotomy or dilemma in the field to expose key questions in governing: between public administration and public management, bureaucrats and service providers, neutrality and responsiveness to political pressures, fragmentation and strategy, simplicity and complexity in programs and implementation, rationality and routine in making decisions, autonomy and integration with the rest of society, rationality and incrementalism in funding public organizations, and authority and democracy in public institutions delivering policy and programs or prioritizing political and societal responsiveness.
Jones describes her journey from risk mitigation, reputation, and incrementalism to innovating across sustainability, labor, and entrepreneurship.
In a letter to Nestle's board, Third Point said: "We feel strongly that in order to succeed, Dr Schneider will need to articulate a decisive and bold action plan that addresses the staid culture and tendency towards incrementalism that has typified the company's prior leadership and resulted in its long-term under-performance.
166) It is because of this that she sees institutional change as being durable when it follows a strategy of incrementalism, since incrementalism allows an institution to maintain continuity with local sensibilities such that they change in tandem.
Incrementalism suggests that incremental annual changes in the budget are based on the previous year's budget, they take place across-the-board, and that there lacks an in depth consideration of priorities.
This urgency leads us to point fingers and to write off many of the solutions or policies proposed as incrementalism.
This incrementalism is also the norm at the employer or payer level within the system.
Likewise, pragmatic realism and incrementalism can militate against vision.
To those who say that the approach's situational analysis is not exhaustive, I'd like to point out that this is much better than the planning approach often practiced by most mayors today, which is characterized by the application of the nonrational version of Charles Lindblom's disjointed incrementalism, or the 'muddling through' planning approach.
Indian secularism has been described as ameliorative whose spiritual core is incrementalism.
Personnel reform in Chinese hospitals: policy interdependence and the challenge of coherent incrementalism.
While the progress offered by incrementalism may be modest, it would be immediate and easily demonstrable to sceptics.