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tr.v. in·crim·i·nat·ed, in·crim·i·nat·ing, in·crim·i·nates
1. To accuse of a crime or other wrongful act.
2. To cause to appear guilty of a crime or fault; implicate: testimony that incriminated the defendant.

[Late Latin incrīmināre, incrīmināt- : Latin in-, causative pref.; see in-2 + Latin crīmen, crīmin-, crime; see crime.]

in·crim′i·na′tion n.
in·crim′i·na·to′ry (-nə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Noun1.incrimination - an accusation that you are responsible for some lapse or misdeedincrimination - an accusation that you are responsible for some lapse or misdeed; "his incrimination was based on my testimony"; "the police laid the blame on the driver"
accusal, accusation - a formal charge of wrongdoing brought against a person; the act of imputing blame or guilt
self-incrimination - an accusation that incriminates yourself
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A charging of someone with a misdeed:
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تَجْريم، إتِّهام
gyanúba keverésokolás
suçla ma


[ɪnˌkrɪmɪˈneɪʃən] Nincriminación f
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nBelastung f
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(inˈkrimineit) verb
(of evidence) to show the involvement of (someone) in a crime etc.
inˈcriminating adjective
inˌcrimiˈnation noun
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The UGTT called on the House of People's Representatives (HPR) to hasten the examination of the draft law on the incrimination of attacks against armed officers and its adoption after consultation with professionals.
According to the legal provisions, the statements made by the defendant during the proceeding, cannot be used as proof of the case and if a person, who is not a defendant, in front of proceeding's authority makes statement that contains incrimination against him, the authority is ought to interrupt the questioning and to warn him that after this statement, he may be a subject of an official investigation and invites him to appoint a defender.
self incrimination, the Court found that his words were adequate to have
PDSH repeated the old incrimination for the discrimination against the Albanians by the Government.
The State of Law bloc boycotted the parliamentary sessions since 28 April last for "not including the incrimination of the Bth party law in the agenda".
Michael Dann, in his famous article on self- incrimination, draws reference to the "zone of privacy" safeguarded by the Self-incrimination Clause.
"Of the 13 recommendations, seven concern incrimination of corruption and six concern funding political parties.
(48) The group argued that absent such protections, defense counsel, in accordance with their professional and ethical duties, would reasonably advise their youth clients to not participate in screens and assessments because of the consequent risk of self incrimination. Moreover, clinicians were obligated, under their professional codes of conduct, to advise the youth they assess as to how the information the youth reveals can be used in legal proceedings.
Algerian Parliament endorsed here Sunday a slight amendment to the penal code in what paves the way for abolishing the imprisonment penalty against journalists.The amendment only imposes fines ranging between USD 700 and USD 4,000 if a journalist does wrong to head of the republic, army, parliament, or judicial bodies.Algerian Justice Minister Tayeb Belaiz said following the parliamentary endorsement of the amendment that Algeria made a new gain through exempting journalists from incrimination in what boosts the freedom of the press all over the country.Finally, Legal Affairs and Freedoms Committee of the Algerian Parliament recommended government to expedite the issue of the new media law, and forming a council on ethics of the profession.