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 (ĭn-kŭl′pāt′, ĭn′kŭl-)
tr.v. in·cul·pat·ed, in·cul·pat·ing, in·cul·pates
To incriminate.

[Latin inculpāre, inculpāt- : in-, on; see in-2 + culpāre, to blame (from culpa, fault).]

in′cul·pa′tion n.
in·cul′pa·to′ry (-pə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Adj.1.inculpatory - causing blame to be imputed to
guilty - responsible for or chargeable with a reprehensible act; "guilty of murder"; "the guilty person"; "secret guilty deeds"
exculpatory - clearing of guilt or blame
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Government commissioner to the military, judge Peter Germanos, ordered the most severe punishment against Ghabash, requesting the cessation of legal pursuit against al Hajj for the absence of inculpatory evidence.
She contends that the circuit court should have suppressed her inculpatory statements to police.
The complaint alleges "police detectives repeatedly intimidated Jess, lied to him about the evidence they falsely claimed incriminated him (and) forced him to make inculpatory and false statements."
Washington which has created an "inculpatory" test.
India did not provide any assistance at all nor any evidence (either inculpatory or exculpatory) of Jadhav.
India did not provide any assistance at all nor any evidence (either inculpatory or exculpatory) of Commander Jadhav.Commander Jadhav was provided with legal representation, and after several hearings, he was tried and convicted by a Military Court in Pakistan, which passed the death sentence on 10th April 2017.
It is also possible that future searches of Stone's New York City residence will turn up other inculpatory emails, such as the one in which Stone tells Credico to "do a 'Frank Pentangeli'" -- i.e., lie and dissemble under oath like the mob underling in The Godfather Part II -- when Credico was testifying to Congress about what Stone may have done.
Each side blamed the other for inculpatory threats.
Although the defendant remained calm and polite when approached by the police, which underlied his argument that he was an innocent passerby rather than the shooter, his possible "innocent" explanation did not require the officer to disregard other, less inculpatory possibilities or to ignore the other circumstances indicating his guilt.
Illustrative are intercepted crime-planning communications ("Let's meet in an hour to get ready for the bank robbery.") and pre-crime inculpatory statements ("Tomorrow, I'm going to kill Mortimer!").
These blocks must include discovery rules and the obligations a prosecutor has within the criminal justice system to provide and make available to a criminal defendant both inculpatory and exculpatory evidence.