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tr.v. in·cul·tur·at·ed, in·cul·tur·at·ing, in·cul·tur·ates
To adapt (the public practice of a religion) to the specific conditions of a given culture in order to facilitate that culture's acceptance of the religion.

in·cul′tur·a′tion (-chə-rā′shən) n.
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There were suggestions to inculturate or culturally adapt the Mass to the different cultures.
The Catholic faith has, by and large, not been allowed to inculturate within the local milieu of other parts of the world, and so both the faith and institution of the Church has remained "foreign": a European transplant in a non-European ethos.
South America, Africa, and Western urban centers) may inculturate the
And this seems to have been the pattern: Christian leaders helped the church inculturate itself in the social milieu of the aristocrats so the aristocrats, in converting to Christianity, would not need to change.
His methodology was to inculturate Christianity through respect for local culture and the formation of personal relationships.
Different cultures, it is sometimes argued, can go "behind" the convergence of Greek thought and biblical inspiration in order to inculturate the Gospel "in their own particular milieux.
This is a very critical point when churches today speak about their task to inculturate the gospel into their own cultures.
No single study examines the pastoral mission of the Church or the efforts of African Christians to shed European influences and create an authentically African religious expression, that is, to inculturate the Church.
provides a theological analysis of the work of Japanese writer Endo and his struggles to inculturate Christian faith in Japan.
Therefore, dialogue should not be a betrayal of personal views; it accepts the views of others and their experience, as well as positively including the willingness to accept, assimilate, or inculturate the valuable systems of attitudes of other cultures.
Daniel Franklin Pilario said the Vatican agency had perennially put in the back burner all initiatives from local churches to inculturate and innovate the Mass.
Rowland in her book discusses Ratzinger's position toward the church's liturgy, specifically the implementation of Vatican II's Sacrosanctum Concilium (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy) and its desire to inculturate worship.