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Lacking intellectual inquisitiveness or natural curiosity; uninterested.

in·cu′ri·os′i·ty (-ŏs′ĭ-tē), in·cu′ri·ous·ness n.
in·cu′ri·ous·ly adv.
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In The Washington Post on Thursday, reporters Greg Miller, Greg Jaffe and Philip Rucker offer a stunning description of the president's curious incuriousness when it comes to the question of Russian interference in our elections.
Max's recognition of this destroys his childhood view of an eventually "marvellously finished pavilion of the [adult] self' (Banville 2005, 144) which he had envisioned as "a kind of long indian summer, a state of tranquility, of calm incuriousness," as a period "with nothing left of the barely bearable raw immediacy of childhood, all the things solved that had puzzled me when I was small, all mysteries settled, all questions answered, and the moments dripping away, unnoticed almost, drip by golden drip, towards the final, almost unnoticed, quietus" (94).
"I feel a fundamental crippling incuriousness about our officers, too much body and too little head."