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 (ĭn-kûr′ənt, -kŭr′-)
Affording passage to an inflowing current.

[Latin incurrēns, incurrent-, present participle of incurrere, to run upon; see incur.]
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1. (Zoology) (of anatomical ducts, tubes, channels, etc) having an inward flow
2. flowing or running in an inward direction
[C16: from Latin incurrēns running into; see incur]
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(ɪnˈkɜr ənt, -ˈkʌr-)

carrying or relating to an inward current.
[1555–65; < Latin incurrent-, s. of incurrēns, present participle of incurrere; see incur]
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(226) Many civil law jurisdictions have legal provisions indicating that the compensation must be proportional to the extent of the damage incurrent, and granting courts the right to reduce the compensation in a fair manner in the event that it is not.
Nevertheless ascidians can usually be distinguished from other invertebrates by the presence and form of incurrent and excurrent siphons.
In these taxa, the male inserts the excurrent siphon into the incurrent siphon of the female before releasing sperm, resulting in internal fertilization.
Pediatricians should consider the diagnosis of MSUD for all patients with lethargy, ataxia, drowsiness, and vomiting, especially when occurring in association with incurrent illness, regardless of NBS results.
Moreover, the improper eating habits might cause hyperlipidemia, incurrent disease of hypertension, and diabetes.
The bivalves probably reach the ascidians as larvae in the incurrent water flow and attach upon touching the siphon.
Unionoids have a complex reproductive cycle that begins with fertilization of eggs in females by sperm injected into the water by upstream males and entering females with incurrent water.
INCURRENT JOE SINCE: 2003 PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT AS GC: Coordination and enhancement of outside counsel use designed to be more effective for the organization.
The incurrent high fiscal deficits and the consequent ballooning up of the debts resulted in the collapse of the economy.