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Adj.1.incursive - involving invasion or aggressive attack; "invasive war"
offensive - for the purpose of attack rather than defense; "offensive weapons"
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(126) Justice Camp responds that the section does not apply on its face and he is not prepared to extend it because "it is very, very incursive legislation.
The tested soil was left to dry naturally, after which the roots and incursive bodies were picked out, crushed and sieved to 2-mm mesh.
Malignant melanoma is among the most incursive and life-threatening malignant tumors [4].
(8) Generic code and design attributes, much like those found during analysis of the Stuxnet program, lend themselves to adaptive programs that are able to accomplish numerous incursive tasks, while simultaneously avoiding detection and spreading smartly.
Lastly, the group is studying the feeding behaviors of the vector midge species that might be important virus vectors in California and genetically characterizing the evolution of the types of BTVs that circulate in the state, including, most recently, a newly incursive novel virus serotype.
It takes the incursive move from scholar-led open access and turns it into an invitation.
Laparoscopic surgery provides enormous benefits to patients, including quick recovery, shorter hospital stay and prompt return to regular activities.1 Despite the minimally incursive nature of laparoscopy, high incidence (53-70%) of post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is still a significant cause of post-operative morbidity.2 PONV is highly unacceptable for the patients and may augment uneasiness and unwanted adverse effects that extend recovery time, delay patient discharge, and increase hospital expenses.3
The safe basin boundaries of attractors are usually fractal and naturally incursive since the coexistence of period and chaotic attractors.
Review of Incursive, Hyperincursive and Anticipatory Systems - Foundation of Anticipation in Electromagnetism.
It also provides important insights into the changing circumstances of the production and reception of Sidney's Arcadia, in terms of what Paul Eggert calls its 'successive incursive inscriptions'.