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(ˈɪndəˌmiːn; -mɪn)
1. (Elements & Compounds) an organic base used in the production of the dye safranine. Formula: NH2C6H4N:C6H4:NH
2. (Dyeing) any of a class of organic bases with a similar structure to this compound. Their salts are unstable blue and green dyes
[C20: from indigo + amine]


(ˈɪn dəˌmin, -mɪn)

any of a series of basic organic compounds that form bluish and greenish salts
[1885–90; ind- + amine]
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Hydrogen peroxide produced by the oxidation of oxalate by oxalate oxidase enzyme combines with MBTH and DMA (N, N-Dimethylaniline) in the presence of peroxidase to form purple colour indamine dye.
The hydrogen peroxide reacts with 3-methyl-2-benzothiazolinone hydrazone and 3-(dimethylamino) benzoic acid in the presence of peroxidase to yield an indamine dye, which has an absorbance maximum at 590 run.