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That cannot be separated into components: indecomposable matter.
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(Logic) unable to be divided into its component parts
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(ˌɪn di kəmˈpoʊ zə bəl)

incapable of being decomposed.
in`de•com•pos′a•ble•ness, n.
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'We are planning to introduce a new system of separately disposing organic and inorganic household waste so that indecomposable garbage particularly plastic could be dumped accordingly in a landfill and decomposable waste to be used for compost,' he added.
Now the EPA had procured a laboratory, worth Rs9 million, to examine and prove pro-degradability of polythene bags, he said, expressing the hope that it would help the agency file strong cases against people involved in manufacturing, selling and using indecomposable polythene bags.
Moreover, the Chern classes [c.sub.18]([[rho].sub.4]), [c.sub.18]([[rho].sub.6]), [c.sub.18]([[rho].sub.7]) are indecomposable, so that they are algebra generators.
When a stochastic matrix Q satisfies [lim.sub.k[right arrow]+[infinity]] [Q.sup.k] = 1 [f.sup.T], where f [member of] [R.sup.n], then Q is stochastic, indecomposable, and aperiodic (SIA).
In this section we consider all indecomposable matrices q of rank 2 whose associated Nichols algebra [B.sub.q] is finite-dimensional; these are classified in [H2] and we recall their diagrams in Table 1.
Let the inner edge (i, j) correspond to the indecomposable module over [A.sub.n] with support [i + 1, j ].
[[sigma].sub.n] is indecomposable if there does not exist p [less than or equal to] n - 1 such that [[sigma].sub.1]...
A torsion pair (T, F) is called splitting if each indecomposable A-module lies either in T or in F.
Une conduite est vivante lorsqu'elle manifeste une unite indecomposable qui est immediatement l'indice d'une signification vecue par l'organisme.
Thus, there are also no originally indecomposable factors in Nature, i.e.
A stochastic matrix S is called indecomposable and aperiodic (SIA) if there exists a column vector w such that [lim.sub.k[right arrow][infinity]][S.sup.k] = 1[w.sup.T] [14].