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That cannot be annulled or made void: an indefeasible claim; indefeasible rights.

in′de·fea′si·bil′i·ty n.
in′de·fea′si·bly adv.


(Law) law not liable to be annulled or forfeited
ˌindeˌfeasiˈbility, ˌindeˈfeasibleness n
ˌindeˈfeasibly adv


(ˌɪn dɪˈfi zə bəl)

not defeasible; not able to be annulled.
in`de•fea`si•bil′i•ty, n.
in`de•fea′si•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.indefeasible - not liable to being annulled or voided or undone; "an indefeasible right to freedom"; "an indefeasible claim to the title"
defeasible - capable of being annulled or voided or terminated; "a claim to an estate may be defeasible so long as the claimant is under 21 and unmarried"
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It is--we say it without censure, nor in diminution of the claim which it indefeasibly possesses on beings of another mould--it is always selfish in its essence; and we must give it leave to be so, and heap up our heroic and disinterested love upon it so much the more, without a recompense.
Thus a subject who treats a proposition as indefeasibly justified a priori might nevertheless significantly lower his credence in that proposition, in ways that are not accessible to the subject on the basis of his grasp of the content of the relevant concepts.
The short answer to this contention is that an unborn child who died before birth could not possibly "benefit" from being indefeasibly vested in a property interest.
It is true that, as a matter of formal game theory, the President can be labeled principal only if his authority is indefeasibly by Congress.
156) Absent a formal overruling, Supreme Court decisions remain indefeasibly binding on all inferior tribunals; finding a precedent to be controlling brings the inquiry to its end.
American is also seeking to use cash on hand (including proceeds of the New EETC) to indefeasibly repay the existing prepetition obligations secured by the aircraft.
There are two threshold requirements for a trust interest to be includable in a nonresident decedent's gross estate for federal estate tax purposes: 1) the trust must be a valid trust as of the nonresident decedent's date of death and 2) the non-resident decedent's interest in the trust must be indefeasibly vested in such manner as would cause estate tax inclusion if she were a U.
23(2) An indefeasible title, as long as it remains in force and uncancelled, is conclusive evidence at law and in equity, as against the Crown and all other persons, that the person named in the title as registered owner is indefeasibly entitled to an estate in fee simple to the land described in the indefeasible title, subject to the following: .
According to strong moral foundationalism, an agent S is indefeasibly justified in believing any self-evident moral proposition P, so long as S adequately understands P.
But an indefeasibly Turkish artifact (Karabocek's song) triggers a resignification of their exchange, and the normative pretense of anonymity and cultural indiscriminancy can hold no longer.
Rather, the "true defeat" of antisemitism would "be to develop a Jewish culture or idealism or express one's Jewish psyche, if there were any, so clearly and indefeasibly that they would be not only recognized but respected.
where we look for a paradigm for Fs, we look for something, possibly repeatable, that possesses in a paradigmatic way, indefeasibly, the features that make something an A So, the work of PR [the paradigm requirement] can be taken over by the "Self-Predication Requirement": (SPR) The [F=.