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Impossible to define, describe, or analyze: indefinable yearnings.

in′de·fin′a·bil′i·ty, in′de·fin′a·ble·ness n.
in′de·fin′a·bly adv.


the quality of being indefinable
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The film's indefinability is admirable while also frustrating, the plot leaping around in a rather graceless fashion, spinning back, forth and sideways with ambition but not always success.
For Huysmans, Redon's indefinability resulted in an 'uneasiness' best pinpointed when Redon's pictures were imagined in line with other arts.
There is something self-defeating about trying to trace a self that is defined by indefinability; one achievement of Emezi's book is to make that paradox feel generously fertile." KATYWALDMAN
As Ibrahim Kalin has demonstrated (Knowledge in Later Islamic Philosophy [New York, 2010]), for Sadra, knowledge is yet another mode of wujud, even though it in many ways behaves like wujud in its general pervasiveness and indefinability. As the various modes of wujud are characterized by where they stand on their respective levels of intensity and diminution, knowledge, as a mode of wujud, is also either more or less intense.
Early in Being and Time, Heidegger warns his reader not to expect a straightforward definition of his central term Being, while at the same time averring that its "indefinability" cannot "eliminate the question of its meaning." (33) Not an entity, nor a derivative of any higher-level concepts, nor representable by terms at a lower category of conceptualization, Being escapes the traditional approach via definition.
Coleridge pointedly anticipates Moore's famed argument for the indefinability of "good"--one cannot substitute any other word for good, such as "pleasure" or "happiness," without begging the question of whether good is summed up by that word.
The second way of demonstrating the meaning of energeia follows immediately after with the claim that "[w]hat we mean [by energeia] can be plainly seen in the particular cases by induction; we need not seek a definition of every term, but must comprehend the analogy." (65) This suggests that the meaning of energeia cannot be defined because it is a basic principle of being, (66) and additionally, because of the indefinability of energeia, that the meaning of energeia must be approached via induction, that the demonstration begins with particular examples from everyday experience and then works out the terminus of explanation.
The article is based on interviews with experienced psychotherapists and traces their process of grappling with the clinical reality, yet indefinability, of the concept.
Its indefinability allows for the 'home' to become a dominant ideal but also enables resistance and debate.
Such multiplicity and indefinability, however, are key to Mutu's aesthetic activism, as she not only "wrest[s] control from representations that threaten to obliterate one's sense of self" (63), writes Stiles, but also, through her drawings, wrests control from the regimes of art history and criticism.