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adj. Botany
Not splitting open at maturity: indehiscent fruit.

in′de·his′cence n.
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9a, b) include presence of a stipe, bisymmetry, indehiscence, two wings, a narrow, fusiform locular area, a single seed per fruit, and no ribs over the locular area, other than the prominent midrib extending the full length of the fruit.
The characteristic of this cultivar is capsule indehiscence as opposed to a complete dehiscence of the wild E.
Then, on 12 plants randomly chosen from the 30 representatives of each generation, we measured a suite of reproductive characters including self-compatibility, cross-compatibility, anther-stigma proximity, corolla tube length, level of automatic self-pollination, seed-set from automatic self-pollination (autogamy), level of anther indehiscence (P.
Breeders have tried to overcome specific trait limitations through interspecific hybridization, including attempts to reduce seed shattering by transferring pod indehiscence from L.