indentured servant

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inden′tured serv′ant

a person who is bound to work for another for a specified period of time, esp. such a person who came to America during the colonial period.
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Seven years was the legal limit to the amount of time that an indentured servant could be held by a planter, and the indentured servant was granted 50 acres of land upon release.
"Paranormal Poetry" includes stories of a French Huguenot dwarf, a Yamassee Native American Medicine Man, a young woman from the 1890s, pre-Civil War slaves, a rock and roll era musician, and a Welsh Quaker and indentured servant prior to the Revolutionary War.
People seem to think being an assistant means being an indentured servant. This woman didn't take this job to get gums spit in her hands," one commenter wrote.
However difficult it is to make meaningful comparisons between the material life and treatment of servants and slaves, it is the alleged cruel and harsh treatment of servants that underpins the narrative that servants, particularly the Irish, suffered under a regime of "white slavery." Proponents of this thesis, however, ignore aspects of seventeenth-century Barbados that reflect more profound differences between servants and slaves and which implicitly question the appropriateness of associating the word "slave" with indentured servant. In this context, we believe it is crucial to discuss the legal distinctions and their implications for the lives of these two groups.
Grace Lin's fable "The Difficult Path" describes indentured servant Lingsi's unexpected journey out of servitude in ancient China, a life made possible because she's a Edited by Ellen Oh rare commodity: a female who can read.
Leonard Weeks came to the New World as an indentured servant more than a century before American colonists fought to make a nation of their own.
Considered an orphan by the authorities in Kingston, Province of Upper Canada, she is bound as an indentured servant to Ephraim Block, a lonely, backwoods pioneer, and his embittered, ailing mother.
At the young age of 20, Sam Sin traveled from the Dongguan region of South China to Suriname, South America in 1858 as an indentured servant. Named for the Chinese city that Sam Sin once called home, Qingxi reflects on the lands, people, and driving motivations behind Sam Sin's transcontinental tribulations.
The judge ordered them to surrender their passports, to refrain from contacting their alleged indentured servant and to stay out of the health care industry.
Sarah is a black indentured servant in a well-to-do white Nova Scotia household, but, despite her employers' wealth, they do not always pay Sarah's wages.
Edmund seeks to learn magic and his friend, Tom, is an indentured servant who is horribly abused.