independent variable

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independent variable

1. Mathematics A variable whose value determines the value of other variables.
2. Statistics A manipulated variable in an experiment or study whose presence or degree determines the change in the dependent variable.

independent variable

1. (Mathematics) Also called: argument a variable in a mathematical equation or statement whose value determines that of the dependent variable: in y = f(x), x is the independent variable
2. (Statistics) statistics Also called: predictor the variable which an experimenter deliberately manipulates in order to observe its relationship with some other quantity, or which defines the distinct conditions in an experiment. See also experimental condition

in′depend′ent var′iable

a variable in a functional relation whose value determines the value or values of other variables, as x in the relation y= 3x2.

in·de·pen·dent variable

A variable whose value determines the value of other variables. For example, in the function y = x - 4, x is the independent variable because its value determines the value of y.
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Noun1.independent variable - (statistics) a variable whose values are independent of changes in the values of other variables
variable quantity, variable - a quantity that can assume any of a set of values
factor - an independent variable in statistics
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
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It is the same for us today, successful teams persevere every day, even in the face of adversity, by setting clear and meaningful goals, adapting their plan to reality, thinking critically and exploiting all available resources, remembering and applying the lessons of the past, and by designating only realistic and acceptable independent variables.
In the research corruption use as an independent variable and the shadow economy and debt as a dependent variables.
While non-hierarchical fuzzy models (NHFMs) are built by adding all independent variables to the model at the same time; HFMs are created by combining fuzzy sub-models having lower dimensions.
The first independent variable, Training and development Opportunities is proved to have a significant impact on employees' intention to leave.
Due to the multicollinearity between independent variables, the standard errors and VIF values of the partial regression coefficients in the LS method were found to be quite high.
The perturbed independent variable [delta][x.sub.i] = [x.sub.i] - [[bar.x].sub.i], i = 1, ..., n, varies with time by
While each of the 198 original countries had data for some independent variables, if a country did not have data for a given independent variable, it was removed from the study.
A simple regression has one independent variable paired with a dependent variable, while multiple regression can have two or more independent variables with a dependent variable.
The age, number of surgeries, PPV performance, lens status, affected tissues (corneal, scleral, or corneoscleral), intravitreal hemorrhage (IVH), an intraocular foreign body, glaucoma, anterior segment inflammation, the loss of iris tissue at the initial trauma, the cutting of any prolapsed vitreous in the primary surgery, a penetrating injury, and the time interval between the trauma and repair represent the thirteen independent variables evaluated in the study.
The first step was to generate an extremely large number of independent variable combinations (3.5 x [10.sup.8] possible design combinations) as the input of a well-trained ANN model.
Although the interest rate was initially included among the independent variables, its exclusion improved model fit substantially.

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