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The state or quality of being indeterminate.


(ˌɪn dɪˈtɜr mə nə si)

the quality or state of being indeterminate.
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Noun1.indeterminacy - the quality of being vague and poorly defined
uncertainness, uncertainty, precariousness - being unsettled or in doubt or dependent on chance; "the uncertainty of the outcome"; "the precariousness of his income"
inconclusiveness - the quality of being inconclusive


[ˌɪndɪˈtɜːmɪnəsɪ] Ncarácter m indeterminado
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It is a logic in which each proposition is estimated to have a degree of truth (T), a degree of indeterminacy (I) and a degree of falsity (F).
In [2, 4] Smarandache proposed two kinds of neutrosophic graphs to deal with situations in which there exist inconsistencies and indeterminacies among the vertices which cannot be dealt with by fuzzy graphs and different hybrid structures including bipolar fuzzy graphs, intuitionistic fuzzy graphs, bipolar intuitionsitc fuzzy graphs [1,7,9, 10], The first kind is based on literal indeterminacy (I) component, the second kind of neutrosophic graphs is based on numerical truth-values (T, I, F), Recently, a hybrid study by combining SVNS and classical graph theory was carried out and that concept is called Single valued neutrosophic graph (SVNG) was presented by Broumi et al [12, 13, 14, 17, 20, 22].
For Hegel the zone of indeterminacy, at its greatest level of abstraction, is a suspension of determinacy that reveals an immanent logic implying further development.
My investigation proceeds against the background that increasing returns are at the core of business cycle theories that rely on equilibrium indeterminacy and sunspot shocks as the sources of economic fluctuations (e.
At least one of its elements x has some indeterminacy (it is not well-defined or not well-known).
The first two provide a sophisticated complexity, he argues, but also introduce a specter of indeterminacy that generates evolutionary and social forces that gives rise within the discipline to demands for stringent equilibration, thus masking its failures.
Chapter two continues by discussing three kinds of indeterminacy (indeterminacy of truth, indeterminacy of logical form, indeterminacy of reference) and concludes with an account of Davidson's rejection of linguistic conventions.
Despite the above-mentioned certainties, features of indeterminacy also abound in The Stone Diaries and help the novel achieve the effects which cannot be realized by realism.
Synonymy is beyond rehabilitation: its reprobate status is revealed by the indeterminacy of translation.
A large part of the transgressive power of his poems comes from the indeterminacy of the man who speaks in them.
The indeterminacy of reference stops with the home language in which we "acquiesce.
A given spherical shell within a t-sliced hypersurface of simultaneity must enclose the following indeterminacy, if the least possible infinitesimal continuous variation given by the field equations in [3], eqn.