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a. Not precisely determined, determinable, or established: a person of indeterminate age.
b. Not precisely fixed, as to extent, size, nature, or number: an indeterminate number of plant species in the jungle.
c. Lacking clarity or precision, as in meaning; vague: an indeterminate turn of phrase.
d. Not fixed or known in advance: an indeterminate future.
e. Not leading up to a definite result or ending: an indeterminate campaign.
2. Botany Not terminating in a flower and continuing to grow at the apex: an indeterminate inflorescence.
3. Mathematics Having more than one variable and an infinite number of solutions, such as the equation 5x2 + 3y = 10.

[Middle English, from Latin indēterminātus : in-, not; see in-1 + dēterminātus, determined; see determinate.]

in′de·ter′mi·nate·ly adv.
in′de·ter′mi·nate·ness, in′de·ter′mi·na′tion (-nā′shən) n.
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Noun1.indetermination - the quality of being vague and poorly defined
uncertainness, uncertainty, precariousness - being unsettled or in doubt or dependent on chance; "the uncertainty of the outcome"; "the precariousness of his income"
inconclusiveness - the quality of being inconclusive


n (= indecisiveness)Entschlusslosigkeit f, → Unschlüssigkeit f, → Unentschiedenheit f
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The tout autre (or differance) and sunyata are not strictly equivalent, but what is irreducible and singular about such not-yet-formalized "meta-forms" is their proper emergence from an unconditioned indetermination of all regulative ideas and practices.
A rich indetermination gives them, by means of a semantic rarefaction, the function of articulating a second, poetic geography on top of the geography of the literal, forbidden or permitted meaning.
Strategy of Indetermination, by giving a proposition a colouring of lesser semantic, qualitative and quantitative explicitness as well as of uncertainty, vagueness and fuzziness.
(7) We witness a progressive indetermination of speech: in other words, it becomes difficult to 'bend the signifier as possibility towards the signified as reality' (8); untied from univocal referents, discourse takes on an 'obscure allusiveness', abiding within the chaotic domain of the power-to-say (a power-to-say that goes beyond any spoken word).
No doubt Aristotle uses [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to qualify--among other things--the indetermination of matter (a quasi-nothing that can become almost anything) or the incompleteness of mathematical series.
Deux sequences semblent cependant vouloir aller plus loin, nous rapprocher davantage de cette sorte d'indetermination semantique, sauf que l'oeil du spectateur n'est pas a la hauteur de la tache et qu'elles ne restent insolubles que dans l'abstraction de l'analyse.
Although the spirit of the clauses of free establishment and exercise both search for the neutrality of public performances with respect to the diverse confessions, a strong indetermination on what is understood by neutrality persists.
Becoming-animal puts forth "an objective zone of indetermination or uncertainty" (237), and presents at best a haziness before all technics of rational perception.