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In this paper, we studied the consequences of asymmetric wage indexation for monetary policy in a framework similar to that of Barro and Gordon (1983).
Key changes, which include the abolition of Business Asset Taper Relief and Indexation Relief and the introduction of a flat rate of CGT of 18%, mean that, from April 6, the rate of CGT on business assets will increase by up to 80% for many taxpayers and by substantially more than this for those individuals realising gains of about pounds 100,000 or less.
The group said that, while the lower tax rate appeared to be good news for property investors, the package of reforms would see the end of taper relief and indexation relief for people who have owned a property since before 1998.
We demonstrate that, since central bank independence reduces the mean inflation rate and its variance, wage setters opt for a lower degree of nominal wage indexation leading to more wage and price inertia and, thus, to a flatter short-run Phillips curve.
RIGA, Aug 16 (LETA) - Indexation of pensions and benefits this year is estimated to cost EUR 41.6 million, Aiga Ozolina from the Welfare Ministry told LETA.
The joint DOF-Department of Health (DOH) proposal wanted to increase the specific tax per liter of fermented liquors to P40 in 2020, P45 in 2021, P50 in 2022, P55 in 2023, and 10-percent yearly indexation from 2024 onwards.
The policy funding ratio, which is the average of the funding ratios for the past twelve months, is a relevant factor in a pension fund's decision about benefit curtailments or indexation. It fell by 1.3 percentage points to 106.0% in the second quarter of 2019.
ISLAMABAD -- Having secured substantial discounts from 10 independent power producers (IPPs) on arbitration costs, the government is expected to appoint a specialised inquiry commission to examine the prudence of capacity payments, currency indexation and higher than permissible returns to all the IPPs.
Notably, Egypt had committed to implementing the automatic price indexation mechanism, linking fuel prices to the international crude oil prices and exchange rates.
However, the indexation of pensions to the current base pay scale was suspended in 2018 under the same JR, which states that 'pending the review of the current MUP pension system by the Legislative and Executive branches of the government xxx the indexation of the pension of retired MUP with the base pay of those in the active service shall be suspended with respect to the base pay increase authorized in this JR.'
'The authorities have opted for a phased approach to the planned introduction of fuel price indexation for all products indicated at the time of the third review,' the IMF review indicated.