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Something, such as a typographical device, that serves to indicate.
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something that indicates
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(ˈɪn dɪ kənt)

something that indicates.
[1600–10; < Latin]
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Noun1.indicant - something that serves to indicate or suggestindicant - something that serves to indicate or suggest; "an indication of foul play"; "indications of strain"; "symptoms are the prime indicants of disease"
communication - something that is communicated by or to or between people or groups
gesture - something done as an indication of intention; "a political gesture"; "a gesture of defiance"
evidence - an indication that makes something evident; "his trembling was evidence of his fear"
vestige, tincture, trace, shadow - an indication that something has been present; "there wasn't a trace of evidence for the claim"; "a tincture of condescension"
symptom - anything that accompanies X and is regarded as an indication of X's existence
signalisation, signalization - a conspicuous indication
pointing out - indication by demonstration
manifestation - a manifest indication of the existence or presence or nature of some person or thing; "a manifestation of disease"
print, mark - a visible indication made on a surface; "some previous reader had covered the pages with dozens of marks"; "paw prints were everywhere"
glimpse - a vague indication; "he caught only a glimpse of the professor's meaning"
harbinger, herald, forerunner, predecessor, precursor - something that precedes and indicates the approach of something or someone
clue, hint - a slight indication
smoke - an indication of some hidden activity; "with all that smoke there must be a fire somewhere"
2.indicant - a number or ratio (a value on a scale of measurement) derived from a series of observed factsindicant - a number or ratio (a value on a scale of measurement) derived from a series of observed facts; can reveal relative changes as a function of time
fact - a statement or assertion of verified information about something that is the case or has happened; "he supported his argument with an impressive array of facts"
BMI, body mass index - a measure of someone's weight in relation to height; to calculate one's BMI, multiply one's weight in pounds and divide that by the square of one's height in inches; overweight is a BMI greater than 25; obese is a BMI greater than 30
business index - a statistical compilation that provides a context for economic or financial conditions; "this business index is computed relative to the base year of 2005"
leading indicator - one of 11 indicators for different sections of the economy; used by the Department of Commerce to predict economic trends in the near future
price index, price level - an index that traces the relative changes in the price of an individual good (or a market basket of goods) over time
short account - the aggregate of short sales on an open market
stock index, stock market index - index based on a statistical compilation of the share prices of a number of representative stocks
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A high score on this inventory indicants a higher self-concept and vice-versa.
In many cases, both the military and the protest forces are even used as surrogates in the clan wars which are telling indicants of the disenfranchisement of the poor-a condition that basically ails Moro society.
And if formative solution X was later rejected because its indicant or epistemic justification (dalil/istidlal) proved faulty, but a new one produced the same ruling X, was the later jurist necessarily manipulating a too flexible system to preserve "the law" or might a certain normative consistency in the larger set of accepted indicants and modes of justification cause the same ruling to result from a different route?
Specifically, coaches ranked the four most important items of MT as "not giving up in difficult situations," "having what it takes to perform well while under pressure," "not becoming angry and frustrated when things do not go one's way" (as equally important), and "regaining one's composure if one has momentarily lost it." Their athletes, on the other hand, ranked the four highest indicants of MT as: "not giving up in difficult situations," "having what it takes to perform well while under pressure," "having unshakeable confidence in one's ability," and "being able to make decisions with confidence and commitment while under pressure" (the latter two as equally important).
Good will was omitted to maintain conformity with the research tradition, in which expertise and trustworthiness are the usual indicants of credibility.
The partial least squares algorithm can handle categorical variables, and because it is a nonparametric technique, requires sample sizes that are only greater than five times the greatest number of indicants for a single construct or structure (in our case, 6 x 4 = 24 observations would be sufficient, per model) (Chin, 1998; Wold, 1985).
Bender Gestalt signs as indicants of anxiety, withdrawal, and acting-out behaviors in adolescents.
In the absence of atomic damping parameter and the case of one-photon processes, the entanglement quantified by the [SS.sub.AW] and [Q.sub.[PHI]] oscillates between a maximum and minimum values which indicants the atom-field state.
It is suggested that organizational changes in the United States during the last two decades, such as downsizing and outsourcing, have reduced the possibility of attaining of some traditional objective indicants of career success (Heslin, 2005).
Measurement models specify relationships between latent constructs and their measures (also referred to as items, indicators, and indicants).
Since that time, programs have been ranked with regard to the publishing prowess of their faculties (for example, Lignon, Jackson, & Thyer, 2007), student selectivity (Kirk, Kil, & Corcoran, 2009), academic reputation (for example, Green, Baskind, Fassler, & Jordan, 2006), and other purported indicants of scholarly productivity, influence, arid excellence (for example, Feldman, 2006).The most prominent of these efforts are the U.S.
As suggested in the two-stage approach, to estimate the path model with a second-order social capital construct in PLS, latent variable scores for the first-order constructs were used as indicants of the second-order construct (Chin et al., 2003).