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1. Serving to indicate: symptoms indicative of anemia; an insignia indicative of high rank.
2. Grammar Of, relating to, or being the mood of the verb used in ordinary objective statements.
n. Grammar
1. The indicative mood.
2. A verb in the indicative mood.

in·dic′a·tive·ly adv.
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The purchase price per share indicatively discussed among the parties to date is Euro 28.00 per share.
Indicatively, prices for three-bedroom apartments start at e1/41,090,000 (e1/45,000 per square metre).
According to Nordea, the return and redemption date of the notes depend on the performance of the worst performing reference asset in a basket of equity indices (the reference asset(s)) and a coupon rate of indicatively 10.00%.
Indicatively, only 49 percent of respondents say their organization has a cross-organizational team that regularly convenes to discuss, coordinate, and communicate information security issues.
Our top pick on the Slovenian curve now is SLOVEN 18 which, at least indicatively, is trading wider than Serbia at the moment.bne/VTB Capital